Fujikura Automotive Morocco recrute des Stagiaires

Fujikura Automotive Morocco recrute des Stagiaires : Stagiaires RH, Stagiaires HSE, Stagiaires IT, Stagiaires production.

La mission du Groupe Fujikura est de créer une valeur exceptionnelle pour nos clients dans le monde entier en utilisant les technologies «Tsunagu»

Fujikura Automotive Morocco est une grande société multinationale située sur la zone industrielle TFZ de Tanger, Kenitra et qui fabrique des composants électriques d’automobile.

Fujikura Ltd

Fujikura Ltd. is a global, Tokyo-based electrical equipment manufacturing company, developing and manufacturing power and telecommunication systems products, including devices for optical fibers, such as cutters and splicers.

Fujikura was founded by Zenpachi Fujikura when he began manufacturing silk and cotton insulated winding wires in 1885. In 1910 Fujikura Electric Wire Corporation was established with Tomekichi Fujikura, Zenpachi’s younger brother, acting as the company’s representative.

Over the years the company expanded both in Japan and overseas and as of 2013 the company had subsidiaries across Europe, Asia, North and South America and North Africa.

Fujikura Automotive Europe

Fujikura Automotive Europe is a group of companies dedicated to the production of automotive components.

The main management offices are located in Spain (Zaragoza). They were established in 1992, to serve an important Spanish carmaker. Since then, the Group has grown with the aim to render the best possible service for our customers, establishing Customer Service Centres (CSC) and production sites where our customers are located. With this philosophy the Group reached East Europe, establishing factories in Romania, then moved to Central America with different plants in Mexico and finally opened the first CSC in Germany (Wolfsburg).

This European based automotive Group joined Fujikura Group in 2006. Since then, Fujikura Automotive Europe Group has gone the extra mile to establish a partnership with our customers by bringing new facilities into new territories (such as Morocco, Ukraine or Moldova). Moreover, we have expanded our CSCs in Europe (Germany, Spain and Czech Republic) and enhanced our specialized Development Centres in Germany to contribute to the success of our customers by cutting edge products’ development.

Fujikura Automotive Europe supports its customers with more than ten thousand employees, distributed in Europe and North Africa.

Mission Fujikura

The Fujikura Group’s mission is to create exceptional value for our customers around the world using « Tsunagu » (the Japanese word meaning « connecting ») technologies.

We dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional products and solutions earning our customers’ trust and contributing to society.

Fujikura Automotive Morocco recrute des Stagiaires

Fujikura Automotive Morocco Kenitra est à la recherche des stagiaires dans les domaines suivants :

Stagiaires RH

Stages Ressource Humaines, Profil Bac+3/5 en RH ou équivalent. Réf STAGE-RH

Stagiaires HSE

Stages HSE, Profil Bac+5 en hygiène, sécurité et environnement. Réf STAGE-HSE

Stagiaires IT

Stages IT, Profil Bac+2/3 en Réseau informatique ou équivalent. Réf STAGE-IT

Stagiaires production

Stages Pproduction, Profil Bac+5 en Génie industriel ou équivalent. Réf STAGE-PRODUCTION

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un stage PFE ou un stage libre, merci de nous envoyer vos CV à l’adresse mail suivante: kenitra.recruitment@eu.fujikura.com