Flo Retail & Shoes recrute Country Customer Representative

Flo Retail & Shoes Maroc recrute un Country Customer Representative.

Flo Retail & Shoes MA est un magasin de chaussures turque. Nous sommes un grand magasin spécialisé faisant partie d’un groupe multinational.

FLO, l’enseigne internationale de chaussures. Implantée en plusieurs pays comme la Turquie, Azerbaïdjan, Irak, Iran, Kazakistan, Libye, l’Arabie Saoudite, Maroc…

Flo Retailing s’est bâtie un empire au fil des années. Elle s’est installée sur le marché en 2001 avec la marque FLO. En 2003, elle est devenue le distributeur de la marque Dockers by Gerli avant d’acquérir plusieurs autres marques emblématiques comme Lumberjack, Polaris, US Polo Assn et bien d’autres.

En 2016, elle a réalisé l’acquisition la plus importante de ces dernières années en rachetant le groupe allemand HR, qui abrite la deuxième plus grande marque de chaussures Reno au sein de son organisation, ainsi que Capiton AG, la plus importante société d’investissement en Allemagne.

Flo Retailing produit plus de 120.000 paires de semelles quotidiennes qu’elle exporte vers de nombreux pays comme la France, l’Italie, le Portugal, La Russie, l’Ukraine, la Roumanie, la Bulgarie, la Jordanie, la Palestine, l’Egypte, l’Algérie et le Maroc.

Flo Retail & Shoes recrute Country Customer Representative

Flo Retail is the footwear sector leader in Turkey that was established in 1960 by Ahmet Ziylan in a small workshop. 10 000 employees work at Flo directly, and 30 000 indirectly. 55 million pairs of footwear are sold each year.

Today, Flo has nearly 500 domestic stores in almost every city in Turkey and 100 international stores in 14 different countries.

Flo has two retail sales channels, with each of them the leader of their categories – ‘FLO’, and ‘InStreet’. These retail sales channels are united under the umbrella of FLO Retail. FLO also has reputable own brands such as Lumberjack, Kinetix, Butigo, Polaris, Dockers, and Mercedes, along with licensed products, and all of these brands are sold in FLO stores and wholesale points.

FLO is moving forwards to achieve growing goals with the vision of the company being to become one of the ten global brands coming from Turkey by 2023.

To ensure efficient research on competition analysis, customer shopping behaviors, understanding of stocks mix (range of merchandise) and prices in the season as well as preseason by providing feedback to buying, planning and allocation teams based at head quarter; on merchandise range by evaluating the customer product expectations of the country.

Giving continuous feedback to the headquarters (buying teams) regarding all kind of product, pricing, allocation issues as well as on what’s happening in the market at the competition.

Evaluate and compare our range of merchandise with the competitors’ and identify the customer expectations about prices, colors and styles and liaise with HQ related departments.

Visits periodically the country stores on a plan agreed with the Category Director.

Whenever it is necessary, provides information to HQ about the general situation in the country, such as strikes, political circumstances, elections, special day promotions or any other country related issues that might have effect on sales in a positive or negative way.

Please send your resume to recrutement.ma@flo.com.tr if you think your qualification is matching with this position.

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